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Aug 27, 2015
You Can Have a Great Ride on Your Horse Every Day
Jane Savoie
horse shows
Attitude is a choice. You don't have to have a bad day. Here are 3 simple ways to insure that every ride you have with your horse is a great one! Want to know how to have a great ride everyday? Stop expecting.

1. Learn to see things in shades of grey.
Want to know how to have a great ride everyday? Stop expecting perfection. Don't look at training and competing in black or white terms. Instead, learn to see things in "shades of gray". The key to seeing shades of gray is to recognize when things are "a little bit better". More info...

Aug 24, 2015
Are Fat Horses More Dominant Than Lean Ones?
By Kristen M. Janicki, MS, PAS

Imagine the scenario: You head to collect your horse from the field, peppermints in hand, only to find you can’t get close to him. Standing between you and your trusty companion is a roadblock—the dreaded dominant (and obese) herdmate, who refuses to let other horses near you until he’s cleaned up your peppermint supply. More info...

Aug 24, 2015
World’s Richest One-Day Rodeo Pays More Than $2,000,000 horse shows
For the third straight year, the world’s richest one-day rodeo will return to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. RFD-TV’s THE AMERICAN, presented by Polaris RANGER on Feb. 28, 2016, together with The American Semi-Finals, Feb. 17-21 in Fort Worth, will be televised live and offer a cash-and-prize purse of more than $2.5 million.

THE AMERICAN invites the top 10 rodeo athletes in the world in seven events to compete for a $1 million purse in the home of the Dallas Cowboys. Anyone can qualify via the Semi-Finals – which last year paid out a half-million dollars – and any contestant who advances to THE AMERICAN and out-rides or out-ropes the sport’s elite stars is eligible for an additional $1 million bonus on Feb. 28. More info...

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