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Sep 17, 2014
My Leased Horse Looks Neglected – Now What?
by Julie Fershman
You leased out your horse to a family whose horse-crazy teenaged daughter promised to give him the best of care. After a few months passed, you paid your horse a visit but were shocked at what you saw. The horse appeared ribby, and his hooves had not been trimmed in months. It turned out that the teenager lost interest in your horse, but her parents knew little about horses to ensure that your horse received proper care. When you demanded return of your horse, the family refused and insisted that they were entitled to keep him until the lease term ended. More info...

Aug 20, 2014
Understanding the Biomechanics of Lameness
By Alexandra Beckstett
Equine locomotion seems like a sophisticated thing. All those delicate bones, joints, tendons, and muscles must move in tandem to propel the horse's large body forward at varying speeds.

But in truth, it's really quite simple and predictable—so much so that veterinarians can evaluate a horse's movement pattern and detect abnormalities related to pain or dysfunction. More info...


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