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May 23, 2017
Story of a Florida Cowboy
Florida horse
Fifth-generation rancher Kevin Whaley maintains the traditions and bloodlines of Old Florida.
The family legacy. Whaley runs his approximately 6,000-acre ranch, which was passed down through his family, with the help of his 24-year-old daughter, Laci, two brothers and a nephew.

Growing up cowboy. When he was only 6 years old, Whaley participated in the quadrille, a type of intricate square dance that is performed on horseback, at the Silver Spurs Rodeo. By then, he was a veteran rider. I imagine I was two or three years old when I first started riding.

A day in the life. His typical day can include building or fixing fences, herding cattle or getting them out of the road, watching for coyotes, or lending a hand to a fellow rancher, among a host of other duties. I get to do a lot of different things, but dont think I dont get tired, laughs Whaley, who studied ranch management at Texas Christian University. More info...

May 12, 2017
Watch: Rescue Crews Hoist Horse to Safety
By Hetty Chang
A horse was airlifted after it and its rider fell 300 feet over the side of a trail in Angelus Oaks. Officials said the horse was in good condition and the rider was transported to the hospital in unknown condition.
A woman and her horse were home safe Thursday night after rescue crews hoisted the animal by helicopter that was stuck on the side of a mountain road in San Bernardino County. More info...

May 12, 2017
Nat: A Tribute to My One
By Sydney Woodsum
horse shows
We all have that one horse, that one horse that really just makes us realize why we love riding horses so much. When I was about 13 years old my barn got a new school horse, a big chestnut OTTB named Nat. For such a small girl I had a thing for big horses.
Let me tell you, though, he was a bit naughty. He loved throwing people off and being silly, and he was strong so that it made the fight all that much harder. I was a very green rider for a horse like him, but two years later and lots of begging my trainer I got to half board him. More info...

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