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Aug 29, 2015
Hurricane and Flooding Preparedness
horse shows
Much of Florida has had a considerable amount of rain this summer and it looks like a rain event will be upon us next week. This can cause serious flooding in some areas already saturated. It is important that horse owners ready themselves in advance for evacuation and other recommended tasks related to hurricane preparedness. The Louisiana State Animal Response Team (LSART) and the Equine Health Studies Program at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine released some tips for horse owners in hurricane-prone areas on June 2. More info...

Aug 28, 2015
Traditional Trail Rides
Rainy Florida
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Raining. It's always raining in Florida this time of year. Kind of like winter in Northern California. You have to resign yourself to the fact that if you want to ride, it will rain. We were all lined up to ride again last night. Kid care? Check. Horses? Check. Friends to join us? Check. Thunder, lightning, wind? Check. Ug!
So I sit here this morning, no baby sitter, no friends and fresh horses, reflecting on our trail rides. I'm scrolling through old pictures and keep coming across the Christmas Eve pictures. We started a tradition some years back to take a Christmas Eve trail ride. I usually worked half days on Christmas Eve and could always find someone to join me. We had to dress for the occasion and be sure to bring goodies for the horses. More info...

Aug 27, 2015
You Can Have a Great Ride on Your Horse Every Day
Jane Savoie
horse shows
Attitude is a choice. You don't have to have a bad day. Here are 3 simple ways to insure that every ride you have with your horse is a great one! Want to know how to have a great ride everyday? Stop expecting.

1. Learn to see things in shades of grey.
Want to know how to have a great ride everyday? Stop expecting perfection. Don't look at training and competing in black or white terms. Instead, learn to see things in "shades of gray". The key to seeing shades of gray is to recognize when things are "a little bit better". More info...

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