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Professional articles about subjects relating to your horse's health from regular maintenance to emergency treatments. A healthy horse requires your knowledge of what to look for that might be signs of health issues.
The earlier any required treatment is administrated the better for you and the horse.

Dec 18, 2017
10 Signs Your Horse Needs a Dental Exam
By Caroline Niederman, VMD
Equine injuries such as wounds or soft tissue swellings are typically easy to recognize. Problems that aren't visible to the eye, however, can go unnoticed. Take dental issues, for example. These often go undetected because the cheek teeth can't be readily seen and are dangerous to examine without proper equipment.

There are some subtle clinical signs, however, that can alert the owner about a dental or mouth problem, so it's important he or she be on the lookout for those and schedule routine dental exams. A full examination requires sedating the horse, keeping his mouth open with a speculum and using a strong light source and a dental mirror to visualize all of the cheek teeth. It also involves manually checking for loose teeth or other issues.

Some conditions are unique to either the growing or geriatric horse, while others can occur at any age. The following are the most commonly seen signs of dental problems and their possible causes. More info...

Dec 18, 2017
Findings and strategies for treating horses injured in open range fires
Eight horses with varying degrees of burns sustained in an Australian bushfire were treated over several months. The horses were attended at the scene of the fire and then hospitalized from 4 days to 4 months for burns sustained to the head, ventral body and legs. The clinical findings and treatment of two of the horses are described. Variations with barn fire injuries and treatment are noted. While some horses were subject to euthanasia, or died at the scene of the fire, all hospitalized horses recovered. More info...

Nov 6, 2017
4 Tips to Help Protect Your Horse From Ulcers
Desiree Heath
The use of horses has changed drastically since they were first domesticated. Since those days, many aspects of horses’ jobs have changed, but the needs of their digestive system remains the same. APHA Corporate Partner Boehringer Ingelheim says APHA members can help provide their horses with the right nutrition and management to optimize their health and performance. More info...

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