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Horse Health and Soundness

Get Professional Advice for Your Horse's Health

Professional articles about subjects relating to your horse's health from regular maintenance to emergency treatments. A healthy horse requires your knowledge of what to look for that might be signs of health issues.
The earlier any required treatment is administrated the better for you and the horse.

Jan 17, 2017
EMS and the Slippery Slope to Laminitis
By Stephanie L. Church, Editor-in-Chief
laminitis slippery slope

If you look at sensitive hoof tissues of a horse with septic laminitis and one with endocrinopathic laminitis under a microscope (called histology), you can tell the cases apart. Mechanical failure of the laminae, which suspend the coffin bone within the hoof, occurs in both, but it happens differently. More info...

Jan 17, 2017
Yes, Your Overweight Horse is at Risk for Laminitis
By Stephanie L. Church, Editor-in-Chief

Barn circles might banter about the chubby chestnut with the deep gutter down her back, or jest about the round roan who looks like he could foal any day now. But in a landmark observational case-control study in client-owned North American horses, scientists have demonstrated that these animals are more ticking time bombs than laughing matters—they are at risk for developing the painful and sometimes-fatal hoof disease laminitis. More info...

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