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The health and safety of the horse rider is of paramount consideration to a riding team. Learning horse safety, using riding helmets, and protecting your skin from sun damage are critical to your success as a horse rider.

Nov 5, 2014
The Athletic Rider: Exercise Makes a Stable Rider
By Leah Hinnefeld
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I don’t think many people would argue that a well-designed rider fitness program will make a more physically stable rider. But did you know the habit of fitness will also create a more emotionally stable rider? It’s true! Not only can an Athletic Rider get the emotional benefit of the “runner’s high” that results from the post-exercise release of endorphins, but a fitness habit can also fight mood swings, anxiety-and even mild to moderate depression. Of course anyone suffering from depression needs to consult with his or her physician and should never substitute fitness for prescribed medication. More info...

Nov 29, 2013
10 Clean Eating Tips for Better Rider Health
Barnmice Media
Most of us eat processed food on a daily basis. Even with the best intentions, it's sometimes hard to know what to pick up on that trip to the supermarket.

According to health and wellness expert Rose Reisman, clean eating is gaining popularity because it taking us back to the basics. It means eating food in its most natural state.

Rose shares 10 easy tips that can help us on the path to clean eating.

These less refined and processed choices can improve energy levels, stabilize blood sugars and make you feel full for longer. They can help you boost your metabolism, lose weight and reduce your risk for chronic disease. These foods are broken down more slowly by the body, which means you take longer to digest them -- this keeps insulin levels in check and body fat levels down. More info...

Aug 13, 2013
Written by Anna Mitchell on August 12 2013.
Top performance requires top condition. Whether a car, a horse, or ourselves, if we hope to achieve peak performance, we have to ensure the vehicle to success is well maintained. Most elite athletes are aware of the need to take care of themselves to produce consistent results in competition. Those of us involved in equestrian sports, however, tend to neglect our own needs with the assumption that our horse must be in peak condition for success in the pen.

In essence, this assumption is correct, but you have a job to do, too, and if you are too tired, too stressed, too hungry, or physically unfit to handle the demands of competition, it will be difficult to get the best out of your horse. What can you do to take care of yourself as you pursue your performance goals? More info...

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