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Dec 5, 2016
What Its Really Like to Train Your Own Young Horse
Seija Samoylenko
horse training
Admit it, weve all been enamored at one point or another about how great it would be to get a young horse and end up at a CCI4* or [insert level here]. Often build-your-own appears to be the only option because young horses are often cheaper than made horses. But as someone that has actually bred and is attempting to ride a young horse, I can tell you the three truths that I have found. More info...

Apr 28, 2016
6 Overlooked Training Principles
horse training
If you're training a horse, you probably devote a lot of energy to technique. Technique isn't everything, though. Here are six useful horse-training concepts, often overlooked, that'll help you train a better horse.

1. Train off the rail.

Any horse benefits from this, even one destined for rail-class competition, and here's why: When a horse is ridden out in the open, he has to take all his guidance cues from the rider and learns to pay attention to what the rider's asking him to do. But if he's allowed to use the crutch of following along a fence (also a crutch for the rider), he soon gets used to using the fence as his autopilot guidance system. That allows him to tune the rider out to a great degree, contributing to problems with the next overlooked principle. More info...

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