FEI Equestrian News

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FEI Equestrian News


FEI EquestrianAll the FEI horse show news from around the world including future events, results, and photos.


FEI is the governing body for all things equestrian in the world. FEI sets rules for riding events such as dressage, eventing, jumping, endurance, and driving.

World Equestrian Games (WEG)

Every four years, FEI sponsors the World Equestrian Games, WEG, where all the horse riding disciplines hold championships. These events are used as qualifying for the Olympics which are held two years after WEG. The most recent WEG was held in Tryon, NC in 2018.

Changes in WEG/h3>

DDue to the high cost of organizing WEG for all riding disciplines in one place, future events may be split up so that each will have its own venue and timeframe. This will enable sponsoring locales to focus on the one discipline at greatly reduced cost in time and money.

Today's FEI News and Updates/h2>