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Raising Farm Animal Videos

How to select, house, feed and raise chickens, goats, sheep, pigs and cattle. Enjoy these free videos while learning to care for your farm animals.

Farm Animal Videos - View Free

Raising Pigs Videos

Basic pig care includes keeping pigs safe from dogs, fully hydrated and active. Raise healthy pigs with tips from a pig sanctuary in these free videos on raising pigs.

Raising Cattle Videos

Videos designed to inform about cattle care and feeding. Each cattle video lasts only a few minutes but provides critical information in an easy to understand format.

Raising Chickens Videos and Pictures

Watch these free videos and learn everything there is to know about Raising and Caring for Chickens including hens, chicken breeds, selecting eggs for hatching, incubating, brooders, baby chickens, feeding chickens, building chicken coops and using chicken manure for fertilizer.

Raising Goats Videos

Goats are nimble animals that need a fence at least five feet high to stay secure and in place. Learn how to raise dairy goats from an organic farmer in this free dairy farming video.

Raising Sheep Videos

Sheep are one of the first animals domesticated by man and are raised for wool, meat and milk. Domesticated sheep total about one billion worldwide and are mostly white. Some breeds have horns, and they vary in weight between 100-350 pounds. The average life expectancy of sheep is 10-12 years.

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