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Sizing for Breeches

Adult breeches are sized in a range from 24 to 38 in regular and long lengths. Back in the day larger sizes were called plus size, curvy, or indicated by XL and XXL. Today's sizing simply indicates a numerical size and you can expect to find all breeches available in the full range of sizes.


Here you will find a huge selection of horseback riding breeches, jodhpurs, and riding pants, offered at discount prices. To help you decide on the breeches that suit you best you can read customer reviews for all of these products.

Brand Names

The best brand name horse riding breeches for women, men, girls and boys from Ariat, Ovation, Pikeur, Equine Couture, EquiStar, Kerrits Breeches, Tailored Sportsman, Irideon, Devon-Aire, Romfh, Goode Rider, Horze, On Course, Tuffrider and Tough-1.

Horse riding breeches come in white, black, kaki, and other colors and may have full sueded seats and patches at the inside knee to improve grip. Plus size breeches provide a little extra room and are available from most brands.

Riding Jeans

Many riders prefer jeans as riding pants for all around wear. Riding jeans come in all colors, brands, and sizes in cotton, stretch, and poly blends. Jeans are available with straight leg or boot cut bottoms and many plus size jeans feature tummy slimming panels.


Jodhpurs are named after Jodhpur, India where polo was first played. Jodhpur pants were worn by the Indian polo players and later adopted by the British. Since Jodhpur pants are fuller at the bottom then breeches they are worn over shorter Jodhpur boots. Jodhpurs typically have foot straps that are used to keep the pant legs from riding up.

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Show Breeches

Select a special pair of show breeches for show jumping or dressage in white, tan, or black.

Ladies Riding Breeches

Ladies riding breeches including Ariat, Ovation, Equine Couture, EquiStar, Kerrits, Tailored Sportsman, Irideon, Devon-Aire, Romfh, Goode Rider, On Course, Tuffrider and Tough-1 Riding Breeches. Ladies riding breeches are available with full seats, knee patches, and European seats and come in a range of different materials.

Plus Size Riding Breeches | Curvy | XXL

Plus size riding breeches that are flattering and slimming to the shape and come in high waist pull on or zipper models. Most breeches are now made in a range of sizes that are suitable for most riders and inclusive of larger sizes. Many larger sizes are no longer designated as plus size but simply as a size number such as 36.

Men's Riding Breeches | Breeches for Men

Men's riding breeches are made to fit men and come in cotton, microfiber, and Lycra and come with front zip, knee patches, full seats, and modern styling. Featuring Pro Polo Jean Riding breeches that are a favorite of many high goal polo players. Browse the best men's riding breeches from TuffRider, Ovation, Jaipur, and Tailored Sportsman.

Girls Riding Breeches

Girls riding breeches from Ariat, Ovation, Equine Couture, EquiStar, Kerrits, Tailored Sportsman, Irideon, Devon-Aire, Romfh, Goode Rider, On Course, Tuffrider and Tough-1 Riding Breeches. Girls riding breeches are made to fit the smaller frames of girl riders.

Boys Riding Breeches

Boys riding breeches come in cotton, stretch, microfiber, and Cool Max materials and are made for the younger male rider. Featuring pull on and zip models. Browse our large selection of boys riding breeches.

Cotton Riding Breeches

Every rider should have a couple of pairs of cotton breeches for hot weather riding and for under layering during cold weather. Cotton is the most comfortable material next to your skin and is hard wearing even with many washings.