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Many horse owners have taken on the task of hoof trimming themselves as a way to build their horse's trust and to save money. There are many books and videos available to get you started. No matter what level of hoof care you want to engage in, you will want to know about hoof problems and hoof disease. All horse owners have a responsibility to monitor the health of their horse's hooves and take action accordingly. This can only be done if you have professional knowledge gleaned from reputable sources.

Farrier Supplies | Rasps | Hammers | Aprons | Hoof Knives | Shoeing Stands

Best prices for hoof trimming tools and horse shoeing supplies including farrier kits, horseshoeing books, horse shoes, hammers, picks, farrier aprons, farrier gloves, rasps, hoof knives, gloves, hoof clippers, hoof brushes, hoof dressing, hoof moisturizers, hoof polish, and horse hoof supplements.

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