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For Safety and Comfort

Centaur Nylon Break Away Shipping Halter

Rich fleece pads cover the halter preventing chaffing during shipping of your horse.

Shipping halters have a breakaway feature that allows the halter to break away in an emergency.

Shipping halters are a must for safety and comfort of your horse anytime it is being tied in a trailer.

You will find a variety of reasonably priced shipping halters in our halter store.

Centaur Nylon Break Away Shipping Halter

Ensure your horses safety with the Centaur™ Nylon Break-Away Shipping Halter. This halter is covered in a plush synthetic fleece that is sewn onto the halter to prevent slipping and to avoid chafing during long trailer rides.

Made with durable nylon, this shipping halter features a covered break-away fuse and features solid brass hardware. An extra break-away fuse, a fleece cover, and a laundry bag for hassle-free cleaning are included.

You owe it to your horse to provide this extra comfort and safety.

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