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Aqueon Kit Betta Falls

Cascading waterfall feature Sleek curved design is large enough to make a statement; yet compact enough for a desktop Quiet Flow power filtration with included filter cartridge help keep water clean and healthy Frosted panels prevent betta from seeing each other  

Tropical Fish

aquarium and tropical fishThe exciting world of tropical fish in either fresh water or salt water varieties. These quiet pets seldom make noise and come in hundreds of colors and species.

When considering tropical fish, the first question that arises is what size fish tank or aquarium. By far, the most popular size is the ten gallon tank, often a gift to children.

You will want to consider the size and species of fish that you will be putting in the tank. Many fish are bought in smaller sizes but may outgrow the tank over time.

Freshwater Aquariums for DummiesSaltwater Aquariums for Dummies

Marineland Deluxe Bio-wheel Led Aquarium Kit 29gal


Micra Aquarium Pump
90 Gph 1.9' Head


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