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Horse and Rider First Aid Kit

For Equine and Human Emergencies

horse first aid kit

Horse Aid First Aid Kit


You can add items and customize your First Aid Kit to suit the type of trip you’re taking, the length of trip, the distance from available veterinary attention, and the space you have in your saddlebag or pannier. But we’ve gathered the essentials for you. Our HorseAid® First Aid Kit provides the supplies you need to treat minor abrasions and a few more serious injuries while traveling including barbed wire cuts, saddle sores, puncture wounds, and more. This invaluable kit has been veterinarian approved for barn, tack, trailer and trail.

Sale: $66.99

Horse and rider first aid kits for handling emergencies around the barn, at the horse show, or on the trail. These equine emergency kits may be used for humans as well as horses.

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