Horse trail riding supplies
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Horse Trail Riding Supplies

Trail Riding Needs

trail riding and packing a horseHorse and trail riding supplies and gear for an hour of trail riding or for a week's ride. Find trail riding saddles , saddle bags , horse tack, rain gear, camping gear, camping tents , horse packing, and picket lines.

When preparing your horse for overnight camping on the trail, it is important to get your horse used to hobbles or picket lines before you go.

The same goes for a horse being used a pack horse for the first time. Your horse will have to feel comfortable with a pack load and with ponying behind your trail horse.

Preparing for shorter trail rides and day rides means accounting for water for you and your horse as well as some nourishment.

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You want to have several water bottles along, as well as a collapsible water bucket for watering your horse. On longer trips you will want to bring a feed bag to provide some energizing feed to your horse.

Water Proof

Keep your important papers and cellphone safe in a waterproof and dustproof Loksak bag. These bags are great on the trail and for camping when you have stuff that must absolutely stay dry.


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