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View this series of horse grooming videos to help you prepare for your next horse show or just to spiff up your horse for trail riding.

A well groomed horse always seems to ride better as well as making the owner proud.

Grooming Your Horse's Mane and Tail

With our show horses it's important that their manes and tails be in the best condition possible. Learn basic horse grooming from a ranch owner, trainer, and instructor in this free video.

Pulling the Mane

Kitty Boggis is reputed for her high standards of turnout and a neatly pulled mane is a pre-requisite for tidy plaits. Kitty demonstrates with lightening speed, how to pull a horse's mane to great effect and shares a few hot tips. A great demonstration! Presented by Louisa Brassey at Kitty's yard in Wiltshire.

How to Braid a Mane

You will enjoy watching this detailed video as you learn how to braid a mane. The instructor is very thorough so that you will learn how to do it right.

How to do a Diamond Braid a Horse's Mane

Diamond braids are used for horse shows and are fancier than normal braids. Everyone will know you spent the extra time and effort to have a beautiful mane.

How to Wash a Horse

How to wash a horse from mane to tail. While this may seem basic, there are some interesting tips that might help you do a better job washing your horse.

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