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Free Horse Training Videos Directory

Watch these free videos about horse care, tack, horse riding, training, dressage, hunter/jumper, eventing, insurance, legal advice, feeding and grooming.

Western Horse Shows Training Videos

Horse Shows Videos presents a series of western horse shows training videos to help you prepare for your western horse shows.

Horse Training Videos

Watch this series of free horse training videos produced by professional horse trainers and designed to help you train your horse for safety and performance. Learn the basics about training horses, such as how to approach a horse and leading a difficult horse.

Horse Riding Lessons Videos

Horse Shows presents a set of riding lesson videos for the beginner and intermediate rider, featuring experienced horse trainers

Dressage Training Videos

Dressage Trainer Jane Savoie presents a series of free training videos for improving dressage skills.

Hunter/Jumper Videos

Hunter/Jumper training videos including crest releases and jumping a gymnastic grid.

Horse Grooming Videos

Learn how to groom your horse from washing to pulling its mane and tail. These short equestrian videos show you how in just a few minutes.

Horse Health Videos

Horse health videos to help you take care of your horse's health and well being. Colic is the number cause of death for horses and several videos will help you recognize colic and tell you what to do about it.

Horse Trail Riding Videos

Trail riding brings special pleasures and special skills to maintain a safe environment for you and your horse. Learn from these trail riding videos how to set up horse picket lines and high lines while trail riding overnight. Learn how to pack a pack horse and how to handle emergencies when trail riding.

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