horse picket lines

How to Set up a Picket Line for Horses

Picket Lines

horse picketsPicket lines also allows horses to graze in a limited area. A picket stake with the picket line allows you to tie your horses in an open area, avoiding tree damage. You can either picket a foot with one hobble or attach the picket line to the horse's halter using a no-knot picket line tie. Training your horse at home will give you an idea of what is going to work best on the trail.

Cuff Strap

First, attach the picket line with a cuff strap and let the horse drag it until it gets accustomed to the feel of the line. Then drive the picket stake straight into the ground, it won't pull out. Lead your horse to the end of the line the first time and then let it graze. Find picket line materials here.

Watch for Tangles

Horses will sometimes tangle themselves in the line even if they are experienced on a picket line, so you need to check on them often and you may want to use the picket line just for grazing during daylight hours and use a highline at night.

Picket Stakes

While on the trail, place the picket stake where the line get caught up on rocks, logs or trees protecting your horse and the environment. Also, be sure to move the picket frequently which will prevent overgrazing and lower the horse's impact on the environment.


This video shows how to make a horse picket line and also how to tie a sheep shank.


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