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Jan 12, 2017
Dear Dressage Trainers. My condolences. Really.
The one thing that was true for sure at this point in time - I was in a much better place for coach shopping than I had been in the past. After hanging out at shows for the last three or so years, I really did have a good picture of who was available, who I would be able to stand listening to for a few hours a week, and whether or not they were likely to be able to help me on my way up the levels.

I had now witnessed some of my "oopsies" from the days of trying out bad coaches - and no, it was not just me. None of them would have been suitable if I had stuck it out long term. I am adding Coach Ritenau to the pile of course. (Hindsight is always 20/20 as the saying goes). More info...

Jan 10, 2017
Equine Law: Protection When You're Out of Town
Kristin Kovatch
horse liability

A lot of us might ask a friend to keep their horse in work while they're traveling for work or on vacation - are you taking the best steps to make sure you're legally protected in case something goes wrong? More info...

Jan 10, 2017

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