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Florida Horses and the Law

Actual Equine Law Cases

Nov 29, 2016
“Setbacks” And Equine Fencing
Foster Swift
“Jane,” a horse owner found her dream property. The house was just her size. Never before was a horse stabled on the property, but there was a storage barn that, Jane thought, could easily be converted into a horse barn, and the surrounding land could be fenced for pasture. Jane bought the property. Soon after, she built a stall in the barn, set up fencing, and moved in her horse.

Within a few weeks, however, a serious problem occurred. Jane received a notice from the city ordering her to remove her pasture fencing because it violated the local zoning ordinance. That ordinance required fences to be set back a specific distance from the property line. Adding to the problem, once Jane read the ordinance, she discovered that compliance with it would reduce her pasture to the size of a dog run. Her plans for a stable on her property were doomed. More info...

Nov 17, 2016
What Stables and Owners Should Know About Resolving Past-Due Board Disputes
If you have fallen behind on your board payments, it may be time to take a serious look at whether you truly can afford horse ownership. Regardless of how you try to budget expenses, horse ownership brings unplanned expenses such as a sudden injury requiring emergency veterinary care. For those who believe they can still afford to own horses, here are a few ideas: More info...

Oct 28, 2016
4 Ways You're Leaving $500,000 On The Table
Ginger Dean
women and power
Women are leaving $500,000 on the table over their lifetimes because they don’t negotiate. This is because women tend to devalue themselves and their accomplishments. The fact that many women don’t toot their own horns, and don’t negotiate their entry-level salaries, can cost them half a million dollars over a lifetime according to Gloria Feldt, author of No Excuses: 9 Ways Women can Change How We Think About Power. More info...

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