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Nov 17, 2016
What Stables and Owners Should Know About Resolving Past-Due Board Disputes
If you have fallen behind on your board payments, it may be time to take a serious look at whether you truly can afford horse ownership. Regardless of how you try to budget expenses, horse ownership brings unplanned expenses such as a sudden injury requiring emergency veterinary care. For those who believe they can still afford to own horses, here are a few ideas: More info...

Oct 21, 2016
10 Horse Sales Fraud Warning SignsDishonest and unlawful sale practices permeate every level in the horse industry, from $500 horses at the feedlot auction to private sales of Olympic-level horses. Horse sale fraud is so rampant that shopping for a used car seems practically risk-free by comparison. More info...

Oct 20, 2016
Communication Can Save Lives and Avoid Horse Boarding Disputes
Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Never did the stable owner expect to be sued. A horse in his care became injured in the pasture, with a large wound, but the stable owner thought he had it under control. He dressed the wound, gave the horse a penicillin shot using old medication in the barn refrigerator, left the horse in the stall for a few days to rest and recover, and gave the horse only quick checks in the days that followed. There was no need to call a veterinarian, he thought. Several days later, however, the horseís condition worsened to a very serious point, and by the time a veterinarian was summoned, the horse had to be put down. It turned out that the cut was more severe than the stable owner thought, and the penicillin was unsuitable for the horse. At the very end, a surprised horse owner received the call that the horse was gone. More info...

Oct 20, 2016
Equine Law: Transferring Ownership Is More Than Just a Bill of Sale
Kjirsten Lee
Congratulations! Youíve just bought your first horse. You signed the Bill of Sale (sale contract), paid the seller, and took your new horse home. Now you are organizing your paperwork to have everything ready for the next show season and you realize: you donít have any registration papers for your new horse. You contact the seller and ask them to send over any registration information they have. Once they do, you discover you arenít sure how to transfer the horse into your name. What do you do? More info...

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