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And when you come to Florida for the horses, stay at a fabulous hotel on the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. Play some golf, charter a fishing boat, and finish your day at a great sea food restaurant or steak house.

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International Horse Shows

Florida Horse ShowsFlorida hosts the major international horse shows during the winter and spring seasons, featuring WEF and GDF in Wellington. Over the course of ten weeks, show jumping, dressage, and polo prevail as the equestrian world soaks up the incomparable South Florida winter climate.

Further up state is Ocala where the HITS Ocala horse shows reign supreme during the winter months, featuring a $1 million grand prix.

Florida Horse Show Venues

In addition to Wellington and Ocala, Florida has many other important horse shows venues throughout the state. These equestrian locations support rated dressage shows, eventing, and show jumping trials throughout the year.

American Horse Show Venues

America features several of the most beautiful and fabled horse show venues in the world. Here is a directory of the most famous equestrian centers in America.

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Apr 17, 2018
Horse Riding in the Sun
Protect you and your horse from the sun and heat
Most horse riders have to endure whatever the weather brings, cold and wet or hot and humid, horse and pony lovers are out there. When it is set to be hot you need to give some thought about how to protect yourself (and your horse) from the sun.

If you are wearing correct riding clothes your skin will be mostly covered and safe from sunburn. The long sleeves which will protect your skin from grazing should you fall will also protect you from the sun`s rays. Your helmet will also protect your head.
More info...

Mar 7, 2018
Lessons Learned: Nothin’-To-It Novice
By Ainsley Jacobs
After such an awesome, easy experience running BN3P at Rocking Horse Stables in Florida last month, I knew it was time to move back up to Novice where we were two years ago, before our injuries.
My friend and fellow Team Milym rider, Catherine Shu, recently purchased a fancy new baby horse (congrats, Catherine!!) and was planning to go down to Poplar Place Farm for their February schooling show and their first under new ownership. Her wonderful mom, Susan Shu, very generously offered to trailer JJ and let us tag along.
Ainsley Jacobs is an adult amateur based out of Atlanta, Georgia. More info...

Feb 27, 2018
Facing the Mortality of My Senior Horses
Kate Kosnoff
“Every day that Mac and Marley get to go outside and just be horses is a victory in my book. While they won’t be here forever, the lessons they have taught me and the love they have given me will last far beyond their physical time on this earth.”
For most “normal” people, watching their relatives age is one of life’s most difficult tasks. We horse people, however, must deal with the aging not only of our human relatives, but our equine ones as well. And as for me, I’m currently staring down the mortality of two of my horses, ages 28 and 22. More info...

Feb 5, 2018
Bluffers’ guide to eventing at WEG
Tryon 2018
What’s the format?
This is a three-day event, with the dressage and showjumping at four-star level and the cross-country at three-star level.

On the first two days (Thursday, 13 September and Friday, 14 September) every competitor rides a dressage test.

On Saturday, 15 September they all tackle the cross-country course, which will be designed by Mark Phillips.

Finally, on Sunday, 16 September, those still in the competition will do one round of showjumping, performing in reverse order of merit.

The competition also has two horse inspections, on Wednesday, 12 September and the morning of Sunday, 16 September, at which horses can be eliminated from the competition if the ground jury consider they are not fit to continue
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