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Sep 24, 2016
Tips For Fall Clips From a Horse Grooming ExpertRaise Your Horse Grooming IQ for When the Temperatures Fall
Like it or not, cool weather is upon us. If youíre anything like Andis Equine Educator Dana Boyd-Miller, youíre making plans to ensure your horse is properly groomed as temperatures dip and seasons change. More info...

Sep 14, 2016
Create Pathways for Happiness in Your Brain
money and happiness
There are people who, if they won a $56 million lottery, would only complain about how much they'd have to pay in taxes. You know the type. The steely lady with the down turned mouth, nose in the air, who doles out grievances like Halloween candy. Or the curmudgeonly old man, so sour faced you can almost hear the litany of complaints running through his mind from his lifelong feud with pleasure. More info...

Sep 13, 2016
horse clippers
2 #10 Wide Blades Free when you purchase a KM10 Clipper!The KM10ģ is a professional 2-speed brushless motor clipper with maximum power and torque, constant speed control and ergonomic design for increased comfort and control. Itís Revolutionary New Brushless Motor Technology makes this clipper virtually maintenance free and extends life of the motor to 10,00 hours.

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