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Mar 8, 2017
Terrified of towing? Follow this advice to get you from A to B safely
Horse & Hound
For many, the prospect of towing looms over horse owners like a dark cloud. David Murphy Towing, a manufacturer of towbars and trailers, offers this comprehensive safety guide designed to help you reach your end destination without incident and put your mind at rest
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Mar 3, 2017
Balancing the Horse: A Closer Look at Posture, Part IWhile we cannot change a horse's basic bone structure or the length and shape of the bones in their skeleton, we can affect the development of muscles and the horse's basic posture. Julie Weisz describes the importance of posture in developing the horse.
Last weekend, as my equine chiropractor and I were discussing the difference between bone structure and muscle development, he said, "Conformation is the way you look, not how you stand." His simple statement explains a concept that is of paramount importance when training a horse. More info...

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