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Why there is a shortage of student ministers and what can be done about it

NASHVILLE (BP) – Richard Ross has decades of experience when it comes to student ministry. And today, he’s observing a troubling trend.

FIRST-PERSON: Let’s charge ahead with confidence

As a former athlete and coach, I have competed in games that demanded a strategic plan to win. At times, this required multiple options – a Plan A and a Plan B – while at other times we needed to be committed to a singular strategy to bring us victory. When it comes to fulfilling […]

Formerly incarcerated man finds Christ through outdoor kids’ ministry

FINCASTLE, Va. (BP) – Jason Gravely, a formerly incarcerated man now a part of Fincastle Baptist Church, said his skeptical search for God concluded with his involvement in the outdoor kids’ ministry program at the church, where he found spiritual answers and discipleship.

SBC DIGEST: Record attendance at church planter orientation; Diaspora missions collaborative meets

Send Network sets record attendance at church planter orientation; SEBTS hosts in-person meeting of the diaspora missions collaborative.

Maryland church in ‘unique situation’ to minister amid European crisis

KINGSVILLE, Md. (BP) – Andrew Goins, pastor of Kingsville Baptist Church, is the spiritual advisor for two groups of people who could easily be at odds. But he and his members are looking to fight spiritual battles, not political ones.

Students encouraged to have ‘obedience in the unseen’ at REV7:9 kickoff

Matt List wasn’t even supposed to be at the kickoff tour of REV7:9, a missions movement for 18- to 25-year-olds organized by the International Mission Board. The Virginia Tech student was spending his spring break in Louisiana volunteering at the Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) at Nicholls State University.

FIRST-PERSON: Crowning achievements

The Bible is full of crowns. The first time the word crown appears in the Bible, it was spoken by the patriarch Jacob referring to the crown on the head of his son, Joseph, who ruled in Egypt.

Two years in, Cooperative Program strength disproves dire pandemic predictions

NASHVILLE (BP) – Economic predictions were dire when most churches and businesses effectively shut down in-person operations in mid-March 2020. However, the gloomy forecasts about the effects COVID-19 would have on charitable giving as a whole didn’t pan out.

Generous gift helps Wyoming church plant show community they intend to stay

COWLEY, Wyo. — God blessed Water of Life Church in its first five years of existence. Despite the most disruptive single event to churches worldwide in decades – the COVID-19 pandemic – the church doubled in size. People were baptized. Ministries started and flourished. All of this happened in a rural context that is among the most difficult in North America.

Colorado association raises up leaders through ‘Acts 13 Experience’

PUEBLO, Colo. (BP) – In his work with churches in the Royal Gorge Baptist Association (Colo.), Nate Templin noticed a pattern – most of the pastors of those churches had moved to Colorado from the Southeast.