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Jacksonville horse shows are sponsored by First Coast Classical Dressage, Georgia Florida Rodeo Association, Duval County 4-H, Clay County 4-H, North Florida Arabian Horse Club, North Florida Dressage Association (NFDA), and the St. Johns River Pony Club.

Featuring horse shows and events at Jacksonville Equestrian Center and the Clay County Fairgrounds in Green Cove Springs.

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Jacksonville area horse shows include dressage, hunter jumper, show jumping, western open, team roping, barrel racing, 4-H, Pony Club, and breed shows.

Horse News

Apr 16, 2017
10 unique ways to improve your equestrian wardrobe
Jordan Nassif.
I figured that I would write my first piece for this blog in regards to something that I imagine everyone would like to know: In a sport where money gets you just about everywhere, and people can indicate their location on the equestrian totem pole via their wardrobe, how the hell does one save money trying to keep up? Is it even worth it?

There are certainly plenty of riders out there who couldn’t give a fig about what they wear and have probably saved themselves a world of trouble for it. Perhaps this is not the article for them. I admittedly can be spotted riding in garden shoes and a sports bra on our farm. In many cases fashion eludes me too. More info...

Mar 29, 2017
Florida Horse Trail Books
Florida horse trailsFlorida on Horseback is the first volume of a complete guide to riding on public land in Florida
including State and National Parks. This volume covers Florida riding trails from Ocala, FL south to South Florida. Cornelia Henderson has carefully researched and ridden every trail included in this book.
The author provides the essentials for each horseback adventure including a full description of each trail, detailed directions, and interesting photographs. Also included is a quick-reference rating system for each trail and its facilities and icons addressing such issues difficulty level and camping accommodations. For those without a horse of their own, nearby horse rental venues are suggested. You will enjoy Henderson's
thorough descriptions of the ecosystems, foliage, and wildlife to be found in each area.
Whether discovering the south and central wilds of Florida or exploring previously unknown places, readers will find that Henderson's expert advice will enable you to experience the beauty of the real Florida from horseback.
Florida on Horseback Vol II
covers North Florida and the Florida Panhandle.

Mar 15, 2017
Tuesday Video: Who IS That Handsome Horse??
Horses have a variety of reactions when they see a mirror for the first time, some are intrigued, others are frightened and others might get aggressive. This horse can't seem to believe his good luck in finding a friend who does everything he does, and the resulting drama of their meeting is pretty adorable.

You can almost see the cogs turning in this fellow's head: "When I step back, HE steps back! When I go over here he disappears!"

More info...

Mar 10, 2017
Safety Tips for Horse-Showing Success
From The American Quarter Horse Journal
Picture an average horse show: spectators in bleachers and folding chairs, babies in strollers, tractors, rakes, shovels, tack and other equipment in aisles. Now add a panicked, loose horse.

Looks pretty dangerous inside your head, doesn't it?

At a horse show, exhibitors and show management must work together to make sure stabling areas are safe for everyone, events coordinator Nancy Easton says.

"Safety is an easy thing to take care of," she says, "if people stay aware and are considerate of everything that's going on around them."

At a horse show, she says, "the horse and exhibitor have a very tight bubble around them. Any noise or movement pushes into their bubble and causes them to react." More info...

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