Ocala farriers and hoof trimming

Ocala Farriers and Hoof Trimming

Ocala farriers serving the equestrian horse community of north central Florida including Ocala, Gainesville, Alachua, Live Oak, Archer and Reddick.

Ocala, Florida Certified Farriers

Ocala farriers offering equine hoof trimming, hot and cold horse shoeing, corrective shoeing, hoof care, and specialty work.

Farrier Supplies | Farrier Kits

Farrier store featuring farrier supplies on sale including horse rasps, farrier gloves, hoof knives, farrier nippers, hoof polish, hoof packing, thrush treatment, hoof picks, farrier aprons, and farrier stands.

Serving Marion, Alachua, Levy, Suwannee, and Sumter Counties

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A. J. Nuckles, Farrier
Ocala, FL
(352) 239 - 4725
Specializing in Hunters, Jumpers, Eventers and Dressage horses, also reining and other western diciplines. I frequently work with vets on lameness and corrective shoeing cases including hoof resections and glue on shoes. Certified farrier, shoeing horses since 1976.

Adam Whitehead, Resident Farrier UFVMC
Gainesville, FL
352-392-4700 Ext 4171
Resident Farrier University of Florida Veterinary Medicine College. Lameness specialist.

Allen Branden Horseshoeing CF
Jacksonville, FL

American Farrier's Association
Since 1971, the American Farrier’s Association™ (AFA) has focused on improving equine welfare through excellence in hoof care and farriery. Educating farriers in the art and science of farriery has been central to this goal.

Andy Evans Farrier Service
Ocala, FL
Ocala, Florida farrier service. Horse shoeing, hoof care, hoof trimming.

BH Farrier Service
Ocala, FL
Corrective shoeing, trimming, drafts, founder help, hot or cold shoeing.

Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association
14013 East Highway 136
LaFayette, GA 30728
706- 397-8047
The BWFA is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide horse owners with professional, intelligent, and accurate information on sound shoeing by professional farriers.

Bud Adams CF
Ocala, FL
Certified Farrier

Charles Critchett Horseshoeing
Ocala, FL
352 286 2334
Ocala area farrier specializing in hot and cold shoeing 35 years experience All breeds Also founder and navicular

Charlie Horseshoeing CF
Citra, FL
Certified Farrier

Christopher Farrier Service
Boca Raton, FL
Boca Raton and South Florida farrier service specializing in therapeutic horseshoeing.

Creel, Rick Horseshoeing Licensed Journeyman Farrier
30 years experience.Balance shoeing, Trimming, Corrective shoeing, Control of hoof flight Fair rates, serving central Florida

Crile Horseshoeing Inc,
Richard Crile, Farrier
Ocala, FL
(352) 817-0447
Horse shoeing, hoof trimming, hoof care.

Cristobol Castro CJF
Ocala, FL
Hoof trimming, hot and cold horse shoeing, hoof care

Dave Woods, Certified Farrier
Certified by the National Farriers & Horsemen Association
(352) 455-8277
Hot/Cold Shoeing
Corrective Shoeing
Hoof Trimming

Denny Young CJF
Brooksville, FL
Certified Journeyman Farrier

Dictionary of Farrier Terms
The contents of this Dictionary are an abridged version of the New Dictionary of Farrier Terms and Technical Language, published by Dave Millwater Publishing.

DownUnder Horseshoeing
Patrick Conere, Farrier
Hot, cold and corrective shoeing.

Farrier Supply Store
Farrier tools and supplies on sale. Find hoof nippers and clippers, farrier hammers, farrier aprons, horse rasps, hoof knife, farrier stand, hoof picks, and farrier tool kits.

Florida Horse Shoeing
Gainesville, FL
Specializing in corrective work for laminitis, navicular, and hoof restoration.

Florida State Farriers Association
Incorporated in Florida as a non-profit corporation in 1980, the FSFA uniquely stands as one of the American Farrier Association’s oldest state chapters.

Frederick's Farrier Service
Harry Frederick
Ocala, FL
Hot, cold and corrective shoeing

Gary Patton
Ocala, FL
Graduate of Pikes Peak Community College Farrier Science Program Basic and Masters. Hot-Cold-Corrective. Glu-on shoes. Bar shoes, all types. Clipped shoes. Slypner Athletic Horseshoes. Equithonics Endurance Horseshoes. Major and Minor Hoof repair. Borium shoes.

George Homan CJF
Umatilla, FL
352-669-3545 -
Certified Journeyman Farrier

Greg Lord CF
Ocala, FL
Certified Farrier

Gregoire Horseshoeing
Dunnellon, FL
Ocala, Florida farrier. Professionally done and reasonably priced. Servicing Marion and surrounding Counties.

Hunter Forge Equine Farrier
Brandon Blankenship
Ocala, FL
Ocala, Florida farrier offering hoof trimming, horse shoeing, and hoof care.

J Bar D Horseshoeing, Inc
Umatilla, FL
Serving Central and North Central Florida

J. L. Haven
Central & North Florida and South Georgia Horseshoeing and Trimming.
Professionally done and reasonably priced. Certified farrier and serving
the southeast over 20 years.

Jane Seutter CF
Anthony, FL
Certified Farrier

Jim Collins CJF
Wellborn, FL

Joe Scozzafava
Hot, cold, custom forged, corrective shoe at reasonable prices! Former Kentucky Horseshoeing School Instructor! 9+ yrs. experience. Flexible scheduling. accepting new customers!

John Hamrick
AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier
Ocala, FL
352 208 5995
Ocala, Florida certified farrier.

John Sligh CJF
Reddick, FL
352-351-0628 -
Certified Journeyman Farrier

JR Turner
Specializing in three day eventers ,hunter/jumpers, and reiners. Have shod horses for the top trainers in the business

Kevin Young CF
Altoona, FL
727-379-0607 -
Certified Farrier

Kip Arrau
Anthony, FL

Lyle Jenkins CF
Ocala, FL
Certified Farrier

MH Farrier Services
Mark Handzel
Fort Pierce, FL
Natural and Correctional Hoof Trims, Barefoot Trims, Correctional, Shoeing, Glue-Ons. Specializing in Basic & Corrective trims, Therapeutic Hot, Cold Shoeing, Founder Healing. Multi Horse Discounts

National Blacksmiths & Welders Association
NBWA Mission Statement: Organize and offer assistance to state organizations for the advancement of their members with education and guiding measures for the present and future prospects of the trade. Unite the members in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understanding. Promote the theory and practice of quality and integrity in the pursuit of service to others.
Encourage capable persons to pursue our vocation. And to revere the heritage of our predecessors artistry and inventiveness as an inspiration to our membership, progress yet to be achieved.

Noel's Horseshoeing Corp. CF
Certified Farrier. Therapeutic shoeing for performance horses including jumpers, eventers, show Arabs, and dressage. Acrylic hoof repair, toe and quarter cracks, laminitis, founder.

Noel’s Farrier Service, LLC
Noel A. Diaz, Certified Farrier
Ocala, FL
Located in Ocala, FL. Horseshoeing since 1982.
Specializing in lameness issues.

Ocala Equine Podiatry
Dr. Steve O'Grady
W Hwy 326
Ocala, FL
(352) 873-7830
Dr. Steve O’Grady established Ocala Equine Podiatry in 2004. Although his primary clinic location is in Virginia, Dr. O’Grady travels to Ocala on a monthly basis to treat client’s horses with podiatry problems. Some common podiatry problems include hoof distortions (long toe under-run heel / club feet / sheared heels), chronic laminitis, severe white line disease, quarter cracks, recurrent abscesses, and foal limb abnormalities.

Paul Wiles, Farrier
Ocala, FL
Horse shoeing, hoof trimming, hoof care.

Pro Choice Horseshoeing CF
Branford, FL
Certified Farrier. Corrective and therapeutic performance horseshoeing.

Richard Iverson CF
Lecanto, FL
352-628-9186 -
Certified Farrier

Richie Campbell CF
Altamonte Springs, FL
904-783-8093 -
Certified Farrier. Orlando, New Smyrna, Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Offering trimming, shoeing and most other equine hoof care needs.

Robby Hunziker CF
Dade City, FL
813-312-1551, 813-312-1551

Robert Allen, Hoof Solutions, LLC
New Smyrna Beach, FL
386-503-0424 or South Florida 954-881-9614
New Smyrna Beach, farrier. My services include trims, full or front shoeing, hot/cold shoeing, corrective work and some specialty work. My service coverage is Central Florida and South Florida.

Roscoe Farrier, CJF
Ocala, FL
Certified Journeyman Farrier

Shane Allen CJF
Citra, FL
Certified Journeyman Farrier

Shu Em
Duane Huss
Hot, cold and corrective shoeing.

Steve Mabe Jr. CF
Anthony, FL
Certified Farrier Offering statewide farrier service for show and performance horses. Treat all types of lameness.

Stoddard's Advanced Shoeing CF
Dade City, FL
Certified Farrier

Terry Munn Professional Farrier Services CF
Alachua, FL
Certified Farrier Corrective, Therapeutic, and Performance Horseshoeing

The Farrier & Hoofcare Resource Center
Welcome to the F&HRC Co-Op. Hard to believe we're now in our 14th year of being the largest farrier/hoofcare portal in the world. It's been quite a ride, and with our new revamped site, things are getting even more exciting.

Thomas Owens CF
Umatilla, FL
305-724-8330, 305-804-8441 -
Certified Farrier

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