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Dec 6, 2017
Horse Lover Gifts
horse shows
Special gifts for your favorite horse lover that will be cherished all year.

We especially recommend this family-oriented collection of equestrian tales will take you from the present to the past, from the wild West to the hustle of the city, and maybe even to a place such as your own. Best-Loved Christmas Stories for the Horse Lover is a treasury that will make you laugh out loud or occasionally find your eyes getting misty. Meet Buster, Donna, Boss, Major, Baby Huey, and so many more.

Visit our Equestrian Gift Store where you will find this and other great gift ideas. More info...

Nov 28, 2017
25% Off At Stateline Tack
Take advantage of this great sale for your holiday shopping for horse lovers. This is a unique opportunity to save big and get just the right gift for your favorite equestrian. Find horse tack, horse supplies, horse accessories, horse apparel, horse saddles, horse bags, horse blankets and sheets, horse footwear, horse halters and leads, horse harness, horse pest control, horse hoof care, hoof care, and horse supplements More info...

Oct 30, 2017
5 Ways to Encourage Bare Hooves on Horses
Horseshoe-free hoof proponents can be very enthusiastic and are often devoutly committed to the theory of “natural is best.”

Often, natural is best. However, shaming people for putting shoes on their horses doesn’t fix anything, nor does discrediting farriers who are just trying to help keep horses sound.

The reasons for the prevalence of shoeing in modern horses is more complicated than many assume. It is rarely a simple issue of horse owners “being lazy” about their horse’s hoof care, nor is it about farriers trying to extract more money by putting shoes on every horse. (In fact, many farriers prefer trims because they’re faster, easier on the body, and require less supplies). More info...

Oct 30, 2017
7 Ways to Conquer Your Riding Fears
John P. Haime
The wisdom of that master Jedi also applies to riding—identifying your fears is the first step toward conquering them.

I think we can agree that fear isn’t fun. It makes you feel anxious, unsure of yourself and can have a significant impact on how much you enjoy your riding. It also shrinks confidence, a secret weapon you need to ride your best. And, don’t forget, your fear will quickly become a part of your partner’s ride too, so addressing your fears is important for you and your horse!

What is it you’re afraid of in your riding? More info...

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