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The sun protection store offers all necessary sun protection lotions from UPF 15 to UPF 45, sunblock, sunglasses, sun hats, sun canopies, and UPF + 50 clothing on sale. Sun protection is not a luxury, it will prevent serious health issues in the future and keep your skin young and your eyes sharp.

Florida's Strong Sun

The sun is strong all year around in Florida even though the weather may be cooler than in summer. Tourist and visitors coming from northern climates especially need protection since their skin is not accustomed to the strong sun here in Florida.

Children Need the Most Protection

Babies and young children can burn very fast in the Florida sun and the skin damage can cause problems years later. It is best to keep infants and younger children out of the sun altogether by using a stroller shade or sun canopy when outside.

Older children often want to play outdoors where sun hats and rash guard clothes offer the best protection, and sunscreen 50+ lotion is also must.

Sun Protection Store

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