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May 10, 2017
Gulf Coast Charity Horse Show will go on, despite protests
Panama City, FL
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Dozens of horses from across the country are making their way to Panama City Beach this weekend to compete in a horse show.

The 19th annual Gulf Coast Charity Horse Show and Music Festival takes place at Frank Brown Park from Thursday to Saturday.

There will be live performances, concessions and 150 Tennessee Walking horses, who will be competing in a variety of shows to raise money for local charities.

Martha Blackmon Milligan, also known as "Sister," has been hosting the horse show for almost two decades. Animal activists have been confronting her, for about the same amount of time. More info...

May 2, 2017
How horses can help America's heroes Researcher: Horses have a lot in common with traumatized people
Orlando, FL
Researchers in Central Florida are among the first in the country to establish a formal center to study the benefits of horse therapy on soldiers with PTSD. Here are details on how time with gentle giants may have a big impact.
In 2004, Langston was a Marine, serving in Iraq. She still gets emotional thinking about her deployment and her return to civilian life in 2005.

Langston detailed, “Feels like you’re dropped out here by yourself to be honest. You have a unit, a platoon that you’re connected with. Then you’re out here by yourself.”

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Apr 27, 2017
Big Lick Show Kicks Off in FloridaPanama City Beach, Florida – 150 Tennessee Walking Horses are arriving in Panama City Beach in preparation for the 19th annual Gulf Coast Charity Horse Show and Music Festival. The festival is from Thursday through Saturday at the Frank Brown Park. The event raises money for charity, with over $800,000 given to local charity since 1998.

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